A 16th acquisition for the Canva Group: Serico

MONTREAL, August 14, 2023 – Canva Group is happy to announce the acquisition of Serico, a specialty printer based in Drummondville, Quebec. This 16th acquisition marks Canva’s expansion into Central Quebec, as well as into new business segments.

“Serico (www.serico.com) is not only an innovative screen and digital printer but also a creative company that excels in product design in business segments where we are absent and which are very promising for growth. We’re really going beyond printing with industrial art,” says René-Pierre Roussel, CEO of Canva Group.

Serico celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, with Guy Moisan and his wife Isabelle Moisan at the helm since 1998. The company currently employs 60 employees and its growth has been achieved through diversification into several new market niches, including thermoforming personalized safety helmets and the design of spectacularly-designed arcade games.

“After more than 25 years at the helm, we decided to entrust the future of our company to visionaries like Canva Group. For Isabelle and me, this option became the best strategic choice, given their human values and pan-Canadian organization. We are confident that the unique DNA of the Serico team within a strong group will contribute to future growth,” says Guy Moisan, CEO of Serico.

The company will become the 7th autonomous business unit of the Canva Group. The team will remain in Drummondville to maximize operational capacity through targeted business development in North America.

About Canva Group

Canva Group is a dynamic industrial and commercial printing holding company. Created from 16 complementary companies acquired over the past 20 years, Canva Group today employs over 400 people in Quebec and Manitoba and operates seven independent business units: Idenco Canada (Boucherville), Décalcomanie Artistic (Montreal), Mirazed (Saint-Hubert), Flash Grafix (Laval), CMD Signs (Brossard), Serico (Drummondville) and Intergraphics Decal (Winnipeg). A one-stop shop for identification and visual communications, Canva Group serves over 5,000 customers in Canada, the United States and Mexico with its complementary screen, litho and digital printing services.

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