Our Sustainability Goals

By implementing the EVO2030 Program, Canva Group has become a committed change leader in the eco-responsible evolution of the North American printing industry.

Our Strategic Orientations

Governance: Anchoring social responsibility in Canva Group’s DNA.

Canva Group quickly integrated sustainable development into its values and corporate mission. We share our approach with external stakeholders to engage them in the process.

Economic: To become a benchmark for eco-responsibility in the printing industry.

We initiate important dialogues on sustainability with our suppliers and internal teams, with the aim of developing an eco-responsible product portfolio and stimulating new markets aligned with our values.

Social: To be a benchmark employer committed to providing a safe, inclusive and rewarding working environment for all.

The Group fosters a rewarding and stimulating work environment, and promotes a culture of openness. An anonymous survey system has been deployed in an effort to continuously improve the well-being of our 400 employees.

Environmental: Contribute in a clear-sighted way to the advent of a low-carbon, circular economy.

We are working to deploy an environmental management system to reduce the direct impact of the company’s activities. Canva Group is committed to implementing climate governance and reducing its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Our Efforts In Numbers

  • We offer a wide range of FSC-certified products.
  • We recycle over 10,000 kg of cardboard every year.
  • We recycle over 15,000 kg of plastic every year.
  • Lighting in the Mirazed, Intergraphics and CMD business units was replaced by LEDs in 2023.
  • Mirazed has gone from 30% to 100% recycling of its cardboard, which will be used to make household paper and packaging materials, thanks to its new compactor.
  • Mirazed has changed all the toilets in its establishment, an initiative that will save 30% of its annual water consumption.

Well-Earned Recognition!

We are honored to be one of the winning companies in DEL’s (Economic development of the Longueuil agglomeration) eco-friendly business practices and sustainable mobility project.

Our Sustainability Goals

Our initiative aims to contribute to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Partnership & Certifications