Canva Group expands again with an acquisition in western Canada

Canva Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Intergraphics Decal, a leading printing company in the Canadian Prairies, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Group Canva is pursuing its expansion in Canada with its 12th acquisition. 

“It has become essential for Canva Group to join forces with other Canadian leaders to better serve its customers and perform its national contracts. Already established in Manitoba, Intergraphics will be our strategic base to serve our customers in West Canada and Midwestern United States”, stated Hugo Leclair, Chairman of Canva Group. 

Created in 1969 by Conrad and Yvonne Desender, Intergraphics is a constantly growing company, even during the pandemic. “With retirement approaching, Mr Desender sought a strategic buyer that would be able to pursue future growth. And this is exactly what we plan to do!”, stated René-Pierre Roussel, Chief Executive Officer of Canva Group.

Supported by a headcount of 80 skilled traders, Intergraphics is equipped with modern digital printing and screen printing systems. It also has an impressive list of customers whose business activities are complementary to those of Canva Group’s existing customers. 

The team at Intergraphics will remain in place to continue to serve local customers, including Conrad’s and Yvonne’s son; Greg Desender will continue to hold the position as General Manager of Intergraphics Decal. 

About Canva Group 

Canva Group is a leading holding company in industrial and commercial printing. Made up of 12 complementary businesses acquired over the past 17 years, Canva Group today has 350 employees in Quebec and Manitoba operating under five independent business units: Idenco Canada (Boucherville), Décalcomanie Artistic (Montreal), Mirazed (Saint-Hubert), Flash Grafix (Laval) and Intergraphics Decal (Winnipeg). A one-stop for identification and visual communications, Canva Group provides complementary services that include screen printing, offset and digital printing to more than 5,000 clients across Canada, the United States and Mexico. 

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Pat Hénaire
Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Canva Group
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